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Thursday June 20 2024 | 583 PARK AVENUE, NEW YORK

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June 20
583 Park Avenue, New York
6:00pm – 7:30pm

Cocktail Reception

7:30pm – 09:30pm

Awards Ceremony and Dinner Banquet

09:30pm onwards

Post-Party Celebration

Formal (tuxedo/business suit/long gown/formal cocktail dress)


Kerry Barrett

Kerry Barrett is an Emmy-Winning anchor, host and on-camera expert who turned a paralyzing fear of public speaking into a multi-decade career in broadcast journalism for internationally renowned media institutions like NBC, ABC and Fox TV. Now she helps business owners, executives and team’s breakthrough mindset issues and cultivate their on-camera delivery and persona. Kerry Barrett has become known for overcoming a massive and debilitating fear of public speaking and using that experience to help clients breakthrough mindset issues and cultivate their video X-factor, or what she calls Video IQ (VIQ). Kerry Barrett works as a motivational speaker helping people overcome fear. She teach workshops and seminars on the art of public speaking and speaking on camera to help grow their business, brand and confidence. Kerry has personal experience as a mom, military wife, someone who has struggled with multiple miscarriage and a global traveller. Kerry Barrett has hosted countless speaking engagements, charity auctions, public events, and fundraisers.